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Why Eduminder

Why should you give to Eduminder when there are so many worthy causes helping Education?

There is no simple answer, but Eduminder is the only charity on earth that is targeting a complete overhaul of K-12 education through the use of technology. We are building a global education system that will bring schools, communities, regions, and nations together in a single education platform. The Eduminder Education Information System will impact society far beyond the boundaries of education and will contribute to a safer environment for our children and give everyone access to a world class education system - for free.

Eduminder is also the only charity to take on the role as an education facilitator and provide all the tools and systems needed to efficiently deliver the best education possible to our children, regardless of location, background or financial status.

Because the scope and extent of Eduminder is so large, it is not possible to see "the end." There are no limits to what Eduminder can and will do, and the educational needs dictate our direction and focus. You determine the speed of our accomplishments with your donation. Please donate to Eduminder today so we can develop more tools critical to K-12 education.

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