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Educational Partnerships and Discounts

The scope and nature of the Eduminder Education Information System will likely make it the largest education information system on earth. This puts things in perspective and gives an idea of the challanges and work lying ahead of us, but the fruits of this labor will yield unprecedented results.

Eduminder knows we can only be successful and achieve our goals with the help of others. We are always on the lookout for partnerships and collaborative efforts that will support our goals and accomplish our mission.

Who do we want to partner with? Well, the list is long, but we want to mention a few.

  • You (Yes, you - individuals like yourself are probably the most important Eduminder partner)
  • Foundations (supporting education initiatives and grants)
  • Corporations (that take an active interest in improving education and sponsor our efforts)
  • Schools and disctricts (help us spread the word, sign up for beta-testing, and so forth)
  • Teachers, parents, and students (telling us what the issues are and what they need)
  • State and Federal Departments of Education (grants, appropriations, funding and regulatory guidance)
  • Celebrities (Help shed light on education, spread the word, and popularize our efforts)
  • Universities (research the impact Eduminder will have, the extent of it, the total cost savings for schools and disctricts, environmental impact, socioeconomic impoact, etc.)
  • Volunteers (we are not able to hire or pay everyone needed to get the job done - volunteers in every profession are needed to help and support our work)

As mentioned earlier, this is just a few of the partnerships we seek in our quest to accomplish our mission. Please get involved today and support Eduminder any way you can.

Strategic Business Partners

We want to thank the following companies for their commitment, dedication and promise to support Eduminder:

 Viper Voice over IP (VoIP) Education PartnerViper Corporation and Viper VoIP is committed to support Eduminder and Education through donations and giving discounts to all educational institutions.

Please visit the Viper VoIP web site for more information on their educational discounts.

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